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Family Trees: Normans, Angevins, and Blois, oh my!

After episode two, a listener (thanks Scott S.) requested a family tree so you can follow along. There are a lot of William's, Henry's, and a super abundance of Matilda's so this is probably vital to not getting lost.

There are two charts: the larger shows all the families and their relevant marriages. Normans are in light blue, Blois in pale and Angevins are in green. I've bolded Stephen, Maud and Henry II in order to call out the two protagonists and the final resolution of the succesion problem. The large tree is here.

The smaller chart gets rid of all the extra people and just looks at the connection Maud, Stephen and their connection to the previous king, Henry I. This cuts through the noise, I think. Excellent idea, Mrs. Anarchy. Simpler tree is here.

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